What We Do


At any given time we will have a selection of dining tables, coffee tables, lowboys, tallboys and medium height boys. Dining tables currently range from a restored Pembroke table circa 1830 to an orange ‘retro’ Formica table/desk, ex-Auckland University School of Engineering.
Coffee tables, drawer units, kitchen units, china cabinets etc. will be of similarly varied provenance, though we have a strong preference for solid wood pieces, constructed using traditional techniques. One of our other passions is for traditional Chinese, Japanese, Indian and South East Asian pieces, as a counterbalance to the relatively modest styling of much European and Colonial period furniture (Art Deco excepted – we love that too and can’t get enough of it).
And don’t forget old iron pots and pans, baskets, tools, plinths, garden ornaments…

Restoration Service

Whilst some jobs are undoubtedly too big for our modestly sized premises., no job is too small in our view. Call in or give us a call for a quick and honest appraisal. We actually love doing this stuff so don’t be shy!

Lighting and Art

Table lamps, desk lamps and floor standing lamps – antique, vintage and retro are only the half of it. Check out our stunning ‘artisanal’ and steampunk constructions that would draw gasps from a crowd, if we ever had one. In terms of “art” and apart from a random (sorry, eclectic) picture selection, we like art glass, depression glass and any other pretty glass; porcelain statuettes and – my special favourite – small, medium, large and very large Chinese pots and vases.

Curios and Collectables

As Mary Poppins said, these are a few of my favourite things. This is all the stuff that looks nice/interesting/striking/weird but doesn’t actually do anything useful apart from impress, amuse or terrify your friends and relatives. The list includes gorillas, rats, zombies, and Brad Pitt.
Old movie posters, and posters of old movie stars come and go, as do medical exhibits (plastic models generally) and snakes preserved in wine. Some items are hard to categorise – our Shilelagh (Irish fighting club) is arguably a curio, a collectable or a useful household item, depending on where you live.

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