To say some of our stuff is quirky would be to understate the case

Where else would you find a life-size cut-out of Brad Pitt, a large bronze gorilla and a giant papier maché warthog?

We are Phil & Joe, father and son and we buy, sell, restore, re-imagine and re-purpose old stuff

Particularly furniture and lighting.  We have an eclectic (sorry, I know everybody uses that word) selection of “Art”, glassware, pottery and for want of a better phrase “statement pieces”.

To be frank, the premises are a bit small for all of our eclectic mix of eclectic thingies, so we have to keep the stock moving through.  In consequence our prices are keen to say the least and we are always ready to do deals – we are Dealers after all.

Don’t forget we also buy stuff and can restore your granny’s old brown furniture as sympathetically or as dramatically as you want.

Rag and Bone Men

Rag and Bone men have plied their trade in England since the middle ages, largely scavenging for unwanted household items, including the eponymous rags and bones for which they had a readily available recycling/upcycling market.  Post industrial revolution, Rag & Bone men became more interested in scrap metal scavenging and recycling and in my 1960’s childhood it was common for us to see the horse and cart guy and hear his doleful cry “Old I…ern” echoing through the terraced streets. The profession, so to call it, declined towards the end of the 20th Century but has seen a resurgence in recent years, associated with the rise in scrap metal prices – especially in the developing world. 

The 1960-1970’s cult British TV programme “Steptoe and Son” confirmed the status of the Rag and Bone Man in British folklore.

The nearest thing in Auckland to the trade is currently monopolised by the Council in the guise of their irregular and inefficient “Inorganic Collection” schemes. Progress or what?

Well, our Mazda Bongo van may be (marginally) more sophisticated than a horse and cart, and we haven’t got much call for rags (possibly sometimes) and bones (hardly ever) but we keep alive the principle of using old (s)crap to make funky functional stuff. If we say so ourselves.

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